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How does laser therapy work to remove hair?
Lasers emit light that can target different tissues in the skin. In hair removal, we target the pigment in growing hairs. Treatment is only effective for hairs in the growing ‘anagen’ phase. Other hairs are unaffected. Only 15-25% of hairs are suscpetible to laser treatment because of the duration of the anagen phase and this varies at different sites. The number of treatments required will vary according to body site.

Repeated treatments are therefore necessary as only a small proportion of hairs are in a growing ‘anagen’ phase at any single time. We recommend treatment at monthly intervals to ensure that each anagen phase of hair growth is treated in any single affected area. Typically, 6-12 sessions are required according to the body site and this will vary amongst individuals.

Which lasers are effective?
We use two different Intense Pulsed Light laser systems in the clinic including a Lumenis Quantum IPL Laser and a Cyden iPulse laser. Both have a proven track record in treating hair and have settings that are suitable for dark skinned individuals minimising the risks of pigmentation and scarring. The iPulse Laser is the main laser that we use at the clinic because of it's low frequency of side-effects.

Before and After Axillary Laser Hair Removal / Before and After Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal


Which sites can be treated?
It is possible to treat hair at any body site. Frequently requested sites for treatment include the face, under-arms, bikini line and lower legs. The cost of treatment is directly proportional to the size of area treated as more laser shots are required. At the clinic we offer packages of treatment to help with costs.


How many sessions are required?
This depends on the body site, the hair density and individual tendency to produce hair. The following is a guide to treatment sessions:

Upper Lip bbbbbb...4-6 sessions
Chin vvvvvvvvvvv .v6-8 sessions
Bikini Line vvvvvv. v6-8 sessions
Lower Leg vvvvvv.v8-12 sessions
Back/Chest vvvvv.v.6-12 sessions

Whenever possible we try and estimate the number of sessions required at the first consultation. This may involve a test-patch to assess how your skin responds to laser therapy. A test-patch is essential in individuals with darker skin types because of an increased risk associated with pigment in the skin.



Are there side-effects of laser therapy?
All laser systems produce mild discomfort in the skin at the time of treatment and some mild redness that takes a few hours to settle. Occasionally, topical anaesthetic cream is used. The Lumenis laser has a cooling treatment head and we also combine this with cooling gel to minimise heating of the upper surface layers of the skin. Side-effects can include brown pigmentation of treated areas and rarely scarring. Pigmentation problems will normally resolve after a few months of treatment. We advise all patients to refrain from sun-exposure during treatment. Darker skin types are far more prone to side-effects because any brown pigment in the skin can absorb increased amounts of laser energy. The same applies to individuals who have just returned from holiday or following sun-exposure.



Is laser treatment permanent?
We can never guarantee that laser hair removal is permanent and re-growth of hair may re-start at any time following therapy. To maximise success we recommend top up treatments at 6-9 months following a successful course of treatment. No healthcare provider can guarantee that hair removal is permanent and you should be very wary of any clinic that makes a claim stating otherwise.