Non-surgical procedures are gaining in popularity as a means of improving facial appearance and restoring the 3-Dimensional contour of the face. The SubQ Y-Lift is a procedure designed to enhance the normal contour of the cheek and produce a non-surgical lift of the mid-face. Dr Russell Emerson is a leading expert in the Y-Lift using Restylane Sub-Q by needle. This technique works best in the 35-65 year-old age group. It is a truly non-surgical approach to a mid-face-lift and cheek enhancement with immediate results.



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What is Restylane SubQ®?
Restylane SubQ® is the brand name for an injectable form of hyaluronic acid specially formulated for facial contouring and reshaping. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is found in the connective tissue of our skin and along with collagen forms the building blocks of healthy tissues. Restylane is the most popular facial filler in the world today and has bee used in over 9 million treatments. It has a proven safety record. The result from the treatment is immediate and will last about 9 to 12 months or longer.

How do I book for Restylane SubQ®?
You can book directly with the clinic by telephoning 01273 719834 (No GP referral letter is necessary). We normally expect patients to have a consultation with Dr Emerson to assess your skin, suitability for the procedure, and identify any health problems that could cause potential problems. It also provides patients with an opportunity to discuss the procedure in more detail and ask any questions about the treatment. Any consultation fee is deducted from the procedure fee.

What does the procedure involve?
The procedure is a semi-invasive procedure and requires an infra-orbital nerve block to minimise any possible pain and discomfort. There are four steps to the procedure:

Step 1: The area of injection is marked using a marker pen to decide on the optimum site for enhancement.

Step 2:
Local anaesthetic is injected inside the upper lip to block the infra-orbital nerves supplying the cheeks. A small amount is also injected into the skin of the outer cheek to numb the skin prior to the SubQ injection. You will then be asked to rest for 15-25 minutes to let the anaesthetic work effectively. Occasionally, the nerve blocks may need topping-up with additional local anaesthetic.

Step 3:
Restylane SubQ (1.7-2.0 mls) is slowly injected through a needle to place the filler deep to the muscles and above the cheek bone. Further product may be placed laterally in the cheek to further ehance the contour depending on the natural shape of your cheek.

Step 4:
Post-Care Advice and Rest

Why choose Hove Skin Clinic for Restylane SubQ®?
Dr Russell Emerson is a leading expert in this technique and runs workshops training other specialists, doctors and aesthetic staff across the UK. He works closely with Q-Med to ensure that practitioners around the UK offer patients the highest standards of care. He is also a lecturer at conferences educating other health professionals in aesthetic techniques.

What are the side-effects of treatment?
Almost everyone experiences some discomfort and mild swelling following treatment. There may be visible bruising of the cheek and upper lip. The bruising and swelling lasts 3-4 days but occasionally it may last longer. Your cheeks may feel sore for a few days until it settles down. Any dsicomfort is best relieved by Paracetamol and it can help sitting upright to sleep for 2 nights supported by pillows.

Do I need to take time off-work?
Restylane SubQ® is a semi-invasive procedure. We generally advise a minimum of 2-days away from work to recouperate. Occasionally, it may be necessary to take 5 days off work if you are anxious about your appearance or are involved in a customer-facing job. It is best to plan your treatment so that you can recouperate over a weekend or at a time when you can take a few days away from work.

What should I do immediately after treatment?
Patients are advised to rest for 48-hours after treatment and avoid strenuous exercise that may increase the risk of bruising. It can help sleeping upright with pillows for two nights. Paracetamol may be required to reduce any post-procedure discomfort or swelling that may occur. Arnica may help reduce bruising pre and post treatment. The swelling will typically settle within 3-5 days in the majority of patients. Very rarely, it can last up to 2-weeks.

What are the risks of treatment?
Soft tissue fillers have a proven track record over 15-20 years and Restylane® products have been used in over 9 million treatments. As with any sort of injection there can be some bruising and swelling. It is also possible to have an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic, although this is extremely infrequent with the Xylocaine and Adrenaline used by Dr Emerson.
As Restylane is not derived from animals there is little chance of any allergic reaction which means no skin test is needed before treatment. Despite this very rarely there can be an allergic response in 1 in 2000 patients which may necessitate treatment with anti inflammatory medications and rarely prednisolone.

How much does treatment cost?
The standard fee for Restylane SubQ by needle is £700. This includes an initial consultation fee of £100 and a two-week follow-up to assess the results of treatment. The fee relates to the use of 2 syringes of Restylane Sub-Q (2ml's per syringe). Dr Emerson prefers to see patients for a consultation prior to the procedure to assess suitablity for treatment and to explain the procedure. This provides you with an opportunity to ask questions about the treatment and ensure that you will benefit. This compares to typical costs in London that vary from £1000-£1200 for the same procedure. The initial cosnultation fee is deducted from the procedure fee in those patients proceeding to treatment.