How does Botox work?
Wrinkles and frown lines are due to hyperactive facial muscles around the eyes and lower forehead. These may give a person an angry, tired, or displeased appearance - even when they are not experiencing that emotion. Botox is a toxin that paralyses these muscles by inactivating the nerves supply correcting the Inactivation of these small muscles reduces this undesirable effect and decreases the propensity to form wrinkles from these expressions.
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here can Botox be used on the face and how long does it last?
Botox is best used to treat the Crow's feet around eyes, the frown lines between the eyebrows and forehead lines. It cannot be used extensively on the lower face and is far more effective for upper facial rejuvenation. It takes 2-10 days for the full effects to be observed. The effects of Botox typically last 4-6 months along longer effects can be observed around the eyes.

What side-effects can occur?
Injection of the Botox causes temporary pain and stinging. Bruising and tenderness may also be experienced and this may last a few days. It is normal to experience a dull minor headache or heavy feeling across the forehead especially after the first injection. Some patients experience an uneven action of the Botox across the forehead due to differences in muscle strength and this can be corrected by additional treatment at 10-14 days to paralyse any muscles that are exerting a stronger pull compared to weaker ones. Very rarely, drooping of an eyelid can occur but is rare when Botox is given compared to another form of Botulinium toxin called Dysport.

What does it cost for treatment?
Treatment costs £
200-£300 depending on the number of areas treated and amount injected. The average cost is £220 for a treatment and we provide a free complimentary review at 2-weeks. There is no consultation fee if treatment is provided at the time of the consultation.