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How to Book

Booking an appointment with a specialist is quick and easy. There is no need for a referral from your GP, unless you are planning to pay using private medical insurance. Most insurances companies insist on a written referral letter from your GP.

Simply call us now on 01273 719834

  • Explain your skin problem or state the treatment you require
  • Provide us with your insurance details if applicable (insured patients see below)
  • We will arrange an appointment for you to see a specialist

We do not insist on GP referral letters and will accept telephone bookings from anyone wishing to self-refer themselves or members of their family. It is our routine practice at the clinic to write to your GP informing them that you have undergone an examination and to communicate the results of any tests. Communication with your GP is considered good medical practice. We would always respect your wishes if you did not want us to send any correspondence.

Private Medical Insurance

If you are planning to use private medical insurance you may be asked to provide your insurers with a copy of a referral letter. Most insurance policies only cover consultations with a named-consultant for the purpose of diagnosis, and a referral letter will confirm this when making a claim. Hove Skin Clinic is registered with all of the major insurance companies and your insurance will work the same as if you were seen at a private hopsital. We have agreed rates with all the major insurance companies.

General Practitioner Referrals

We welcome referrals to the clinic from general practitioners in Sussex or surrounding areas. Referrals can be made by letter or directly by email: info@hoveskinclinic.co.uk.

Specialist Referrals

If you are currently seeing a specialist elsewhere, it is possible to ask them to refer you. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons frequently refer patients to the clinic for treatments such as mole scanning. Other specialists can be reassured that we offer a Consultant-led service with highly trained dermatologist specialist nurses that have all been through a rigorous clinical training programme.